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PenAgain Ergo Sleek Black

Product code: PA00084

Pen Again Ergo Sleek Black


Product Description

ErgoSleek PenAgain
The ErgoSleek PenAgain is designed for the comfort of holding a pen without put stress on the hand and wrist.

The ErgoSleek is the stylish range for the PenAgain with it's chrome finish and soft rubber grip.
It has a retractable tip and is refillable. Works for both left handed and right handed writers. Your side fingers are used only to guide as you write. There is no need to grip tightly with your fingers. The natural weight of your hand provides the downward force to apply the ink to paper as you write.

Compact Size
Ergonomic Design
Metallic Pen Finish
Rubber Comfort Grip
Fitted With Black 1mm Ink Refill
Comes With 2 Spare Refills