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Fisher Space Pen .375 Case Bullet
Fisher Space Pen .375 Case Bullet
Fisher Space Pen .375 Case Bullet
Fisher Space Pen .375 Case Bullet
Fisher Space Pen .375 Case Bullet
Fisher Space Pen .375 Case Bullet

Fisher Space Pen .375 Case Bullet

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Fisher Space Pen .375 Case Bullet

The Cap for this exciting Fisher Space Pen model is an actual .375 H & H Mag Shell.
Inside is a Brass Bullet Space Pen finished to match the characteristics of the shell.
Please note! This pen is RAW Brass, just as bullets are. That means there is no finish on the brass. Each one will have its own unique look. Over time a nice patina will develop.


Finish: Raw Brass Bullet

Refill: Contains PR4 Medium black pressurised refill inside the pen.

Style: Cap Slides On and Off

Length: 133mm open 95mm closed

Guarantee: All Bullet Fisher Space Pen come with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

Gift box: The Fisher Space Pen .375 Bullet is presented in the Moonscape gift box.

Made in USA

About the Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pens are known for their ability to write in space. Developed by Paul Fisher in the 1960's, it's use was quickly taken up by NASA on all Apollo space missions. The Fisher Space Pen, sometimes known as the zero-gravity pen or the anti-gravity pen is still used today by all astronauts on all manned space flights. Normal ball point pens rely on gravity to work, so these were never going to work in space. The Russians used a pencil, but if the lead breaks then you are left with small fragments of lead floating around the space craft, this was unacceptable for NASA.

Space Pen refills contain thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed and pressurised reservoir which allows you to write on wet surfaces, over grease, or at temperatures of - 34C to +120C and for three times longer than an ordinary ball point pen. The Ink will not dry out for over 100 years. These are the pens that write at any angle including upside down!

Here at The Pen Zone we sell a large range of the original Fisher Space Pen and refills in the UK as used by NASA and Roscosmos.

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