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Fisher Space Pen Refills

About the Fisher Space Pen Refills

Nearly all ball point pens have a gravity fed ink refill therefore they soon stop working when you write horizontally or upside down, however the Fisher Space Pen refill does not rely on gravity as the cartridge is pressurised to 35psi. The ink used has been specially developed to have a thicker consistency. The rolling of the tungsten carbide ball thins and distributes the ink smoothly, giving you a better and more consistent ink flow. Common problems associated with normal ball point pens such as shelf life and leakage are eliminated. The Space Pen refills will write at any angle including upside down, on greasy paper, on wet paper and even under water. They will write in extreme temperatures from -34c to +120c.

The standard Fisher Space Pen PR refill should write more than 3.5km depending on style and surface. They come packaged with a plastic adapter which allows them to be used in Parker Style Pens! These refills are available in fine which contains a .9mm ball, medium contains a 1.1mm ball and bold contains a 1.3mm ball. We stock these in black, blue, red and green.
The Universal Space Pen refill which is used in the Q4 is much smaller but will still write for approximately 350m. These will also fit many other brands of multifunction pens such as Cross and Tombow.

Fisher Space Pens have a lifetime guaranteed for quality against all manufacturing defects.

Fisher Space Pen compared to an ordinary ball point pen on wet paper.

Fisher Space Pen compared to an ordinary ball point pen on wet paper.
How the Fisher Space Pen Refill works