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Montegrappa Mule Fountain Pen Silver
Montegrappa Mule Fountain Pen Silver
Montegrappa Mule Fountain Pen Silver

Montegrappa Mule Fountain Pen Silver

(Product Ref: ISFOR3BS)


Montegrappa Mule Fountain Pen Silver

About the Finish
Brushed Silver Plated with Brushed Silver Plate Trim.

About the Pen
Stainless Steel Nib
Includes Black ink cartridge and an ink converter.
Twist on and off cap.

Length: 137 mm
Diameter: 16.8 mm
Weight: 53.00 gr

The Montegrappa Mule Pens come with a 24 month warranty against any functioning defects and a unlimited warranty against manufacturing defects.

The Montegrappa Mule Fountain Pen in Brushed Silver is presented in a luxury gift box.

About Montegrappa Mule Pens
After the delirious reaction to the release of the Montegrappa Mule, how could we possibly leave without another quick trip to the bar? This time our tipple of choice is the Blue Blazer - a flaming whisky punch low on ingredients but high on finesse. The Blazer’s hand-torched, iridescent patina recalls hazy memories of misspent nights and arrives with a souvenir tankard, ready for the next one.

About Montegrappa Pens
Montegrappa, the first Italian manufacturer of superior writing instruments, was founded in Bassano del Grappa in 1912. More than a century of peerless craftsmanship has passed for this prestigious brand, known around the world for its Italian creativity and style.
It has been the pen of choice for authors including John Dos Passos, Paulo Coelho and Ernest Hemingway, the testimonial of the handover of power between Yeltsin and Putin, a pen used by popes, presidents and royalty. Montegrappa pens have been adopted by celebrities in every field, from Hollywood to Bollywood. Illustrious users - known as "Montegrappisti" - include Sylvester Stallone, Rudolf Schenker of Scorpions, Eva Longoria, Muhammad Ali, Pelé and many others.
In its second century, Montegrappa reflects changes in society and how individuals express themselves. Italians will always revere the written word, even as it evolves into electronic means, just as traditional penmanship has metamorphosed into an art form. As for the pens themselves, Montegrappa has ensured that they remain the preferred tool for the lover of words dedicated to letters, billets-doux, thank-you notes and written invitations. For the 21st Century, however, the modern pen is something more than a writing instrument. It has emerged as an objet d'art, a collectible, an accessory that makes a fashion statement, serving as an indicator of the user's personality. Montegrappa's pen families are identified by the nature of the individuals to whom they appeal - and vice versa. Tradition is where it all starts.
"The Enthusiast" is drawn to our resin and lacquered collections, while "The Purist" looks toward the natural material: celluloid.
For "The Aficionado", our precious metal pens are choices defined by their relationship to jewellery. "The Connoisseur", charmed by the creativity of artisans, is attracted to our Limited Editions with their inherent rarity.
"The Individualist" is best served by the uniqueness of our bespoke pens, created by the client to express the most personal of messages.
Lastly, "The Adventurer" is the ideal candidate for radical new materials and designs. But tradition must serve as the foundation for the future.
A new spirit unites the many strands that make up Montegrappa, the soon-to-break wave called "Contamination"!