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Mouserug Shah Jahan Mouse Mat

Mouserug Shah Jahan Mouse Mat

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Mouserug Shah Jahan Mouse Mat

Shah Jahan

This is a gift replica of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Shah Jahan Carpet that will be on display as part of their new Islamic collection opening in the fall of 2011. The beauty of this traditional rug design interpreted as a MouseRug®.
The original rug is attributed to Northern India, mid-17th century
silk (warp and weft), pashmina wool (pile); asymmetrically knotted pile
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bequest of Benjamin Altman,1913 14.40.714

Produced in cooperation with The Metropolitan Museum of Art from a design in its collection.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is one of the world's largest and finest art museums. Its collections include more than two million works of art spanning five thousand years of world culture, from prehistory to the present and from every part of the globe. Nearly five million people visit the Museum each year.

The Metropolitan's collection of Islamic art, which ranges in date from the seventh to the nineteenth century, reflects the great diversity and range of Islamic culture. Nearly 12,000 objects have been assembled at the Metropolitan from as far westward as Spain and Morocco and as far eastward as Central Asia, India, and Southeast Asia. The collection includes some of the finest Islamic carpets in existence.

Cleaning Tips

Since MouseRugs are manufactured with the performance engineered Lextra flock printing technology they are highly abrasion resistant. The best cleaning techniques are those that get down between the fibers to completely dislodge and wash away any accumulated debris.
We have discovered that a common high pressure wand (available at neighborhood car washes to wash cars and especially floor mats) is the most effective cleaning method. Simply:
mount the MouseRug with floor mat clips or place flat securely on the (concrete) ground
run the SOAP or WASH cycle with the high pressure wand to drive soap thoroughly into the MouseRug fibers, working it back and forth to agitate and loosen the dirt
run through the RINSE cycle, again working the wand back and forth to drive away all dirt particles
shake water out of MouseRug as much as possible and lay on flat surface with fibers up to air dry - may lay on a towel, paper or cloth, to absorb some of the water
The MouseRug's yarn-dyed nylon fibers will look like new after this process.

Product Specs

Approximate Finished Size: 7.125" x 10.25" (including fringe) and .15748" thick.
MouseRugs are elegant and functional mouse pads that are designed to look and feel like some of the world's most famous rugs.
MouseRug surfaces are made with world-patented Lextra® yarn-dyed nylon fiber coating process and they are printed without ink. The quality may be compared to high-wear carpeting construction, although on a much finer scale. The fibers are .75 millimeters long (more than 7 million on each MouseRug). Enjoy the lovely, soft feel and precise mouse tracking (optical OR ball).
Fibers are permanently locked into base adhesives - designs for truck floormats are made with the same process.
The natural rubber base material is made in the U.S.A. from rubber that comes from trees in southeast Asia. Fringed ends of the MouseRugs are custom produced at a textile mill in the Carolinas - the same company making fringe for well-known makers full size rugs.
Computer mice that use Darkfield scanning technology have difficulty "reading" any irregular, or textile-like surface. They are designed and intended for use on super-smooth surfaces like glass or desks and do not perform well on MouseRugs.!!<</span>>!