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Parker Pens

About Parker Pens

The Parker Pen world spans more than 130 years of pioneering innovation, unique style and world-renowned craftsmanship of exquisite fine writing instruments. With over a century of passion and experience, PARKER Pens continue to build on its heritage and reputation by constantly reinvigorating and transforming the writing experience.
Driven by a long held belief in the importance of the written word, Parker Pens strive to bestow upon their writers the confidence to craft their own remarkable stories. Because the words we speak can be heard by many, but the words we write transcend time.
Making a Parker pen is a solemn act of creation. It not only requires experience but also rare technical competence in areas as diverse as mechanical design engineering, prototyping, and testing.
The World War 11 German surrender is signed with a Parker 51 provided to General Dwight D. Eisenhower by his friend Kenneth Parker. General Douglas MacArthur uses his wife's Duofold to sign the Japanese surrender.

Parker Pens come with a 2 year guarantee.

All Parker Pens are presented in a gift box.