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PenAgain Pens

About PenAgain Pens

Normal pens are not designed around the human hand and can cause discomfort in the fingers, develop sore muscles in the hand, and pinch nerves in the wrist.

WHY USE THE PenAgain™?
When you first use the PenAgain™, you'll immediately notice how different it feels from other pens. This is a natural feeling because your hand is trying to unlearn a lifetime of poor writing habits. It's not your fault.

Until now, pens have typically been designed with only two things in mind: money and manufacturability. But the PenAgain's primary focus is comfort.

The human hand dictates the design. Even though it may feel strange, try to resist the urge to grip the pen with your fingers. Just let your hand relax, and let the weight of your hand hold the pen in place. You'll feel tension of writing melt away.

• Comfortable "No Grip" design reduces stress on the hands and fingers.

• Got writer's cramp or calluses? See what the PenAgain™ does to alleviate your symptoms.

• A wide variety of colours are available to suit your needs.
• The Ergo-Sof PenAgain now comes equipped with a pocket clip, retractable cap, easier refill replacement and a more streamlined ergonomic look. They are very pleasing to the eye and are guaranteed to be the most unique gift you have ever bought for yourself or for a loved one. Just see what happens when you use one at your next group meeting, sitting in class or even signing your credit card slip at the store. It starts with its a puzzled look, then a request to hold it, then the inevitable "Where can I get one of these?" Be prepared to let others try it, they will demand it! Also another bit of advice; keep an eye on it at work, they have been known to dissappear suddenly.